Teresian Prayer


The customary “space” for Teresa’s experience of God is silent prayer. It is in prayer that a marvellous knowledge is communicated to her--of God and of the human person, as well as of the relationship being woven between them. She sees the soul as a castle where a great treasure can be found within: the presence within itself of God, its Creator, its Master and King. Prayer is the key to open the gate to the castle and to encounter the Guest within.


What a great teacher of prayer Teresa is! Her prayer is life, not speculation. “It is not to think much, but to love much.” It is an experiential science, a science of love. This prayer is truly the backbone of her whole teaching: an exchange of love with God present in the soul (Life, Chap. 8). It is the great truth that she reveals.


On the timepiece of history, it is the hour of Teresian prayer.”

                                                                             Paul VI





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