I burn with zeal for His glory,” proclaims Elijah (1 Kings 19, 14).


God chooses the prophet to bear witness. And what for? To go to the modern world and its atheism, witnessing to God and the life of God. God chooses the prophet not only to stand in His presence; He sends him on particular missions to bear witness of the existence of God and of the life of God which is within him and overflows. 


  1. How does he witness? By the love which overflows from his actions, his words, and his attitudes. The harmony of this synthesis is not the result of a reasonable dosage of external occupations and spiritual exercises.

  2. Every baptized person is called to live out this experience of God which gives him the taste for the absolute.

  3. Since not everyone can go and live in a desert, it is necessary to set aside some time and space during the day for a zone of silence in which one can abandon oneself to the transforming action of the Spirit.

  4. Presence to God and presence to the world can be united in a harmonious balance which mutually purifies, enriches, and makes the prophet fruitful.


This perfect balance of contemplation and action characterizes the prophet and makes the perfect apostle.



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