A thirst for God 



One can recognize the touch of God on the apostle by his taste for the absolute, the need for the absolute that we can find in him."The Lord lives; in His presence I stand."

He wants to live in the presence of God. The sign of a prophetic vocation is that the one whom God has touched and oriented towards himself has the need to fix his gaze on God.

Having glimpsed the transcendent, he hungers and thirsts for it; he consents to direct his gaze on this transcendence. He has found the living God and wants to know him. 

And what better way to know God than to pray and establish an intimate relationship with him.

The prophet seeks to be alone with God. In solitude, marvelous exchanges take place between God and him. In this way, the soul becomes a soul of God, whose essential preoccupation and basic aspiration is the search for God, for his presence. He stands in the presence of God.

Our contact with the world and, above all with the evil that the world provokes, can result in wounds that weaken us. To repair this harm, the return to solitude is the bath we take to purify ourselves and to live for some time in the vital element which is God.









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