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An essential characteristic of Theresian prayer is its being apostolic. Intimacy with God, far from favoring egoism, orients the one who prays towards others and makes of him/her an apostle par excellence. It embraces God and the others in one and the same love.  


The World is in flames! ... This is not the time to be discussing with God matters that have little importance.”

Way of Perfection, Chap 1: 5


Because of who You are, have pity on so many souls that are being lost, and help Your Church. Give light now to these darknesses. ... My sisters, whn your prayers, desires, disciplines and fasts are not directed toward obtaining these things I mentioned, reflect on how you are not accomplishing or fulfilling the purpose for which the Lord brought you here together.”

Way of Perfection, Chap 3: 9, 10


Teresa understands how much the world needs contemplative apostles, and not only in the convents: 


Contemplation is necessary to active persons, just as the apostles needed the Holy Spirit before they left on their mission.”

Way of Perfection, Chap 3: 2


In our context in which mission has become the priority work of all Christians, it is precisely the need for contemplative apostles that Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI indicated at the start of the 3rd millennium:


The missionary must be a 'contemplative in action'. He finds answers to problems in the light of God's word and in personal and community prayer. My contact with representatives of the non-Christian spiritual traditions, particularly those of Asia, has confirmed me in the view that the future of mission depends to a great extent on contemplation. Unless the missionary is a contemplative, he cannot proclaim Christ in a credible way; he is a witness to the experience of God.”

Saint John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, No 91



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