Prayer Groups / Take Time with God 


You have life-questions… or you have questions but don’t know how to ask them… or you haven’t even thought of any question at all! Just the same, you know you ought to be doing something “more” with your life because you are made to love and be loved. Let this monthly meets connect you with others like you and fill your soul…

  • foster friendship founded in the Eucharist and prayer
  • deepen knowledge of the faith
  • share insights on love, life, and greater life
  • go to pilgrimages
  • enjoy cultural exposures

Also known as “TTG” groups, members make a commitment to Take Time with God despite the busy-ness of life.

These groups are present in Bulacan (Angat and Marungko) and Quezon (Infanta), Metro Manila (San Juan), Bicol (Naga), and Cebu city.

These groups are for single men and women, 18 to 35 years old.









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