God’s grip


What does the prophetic spirit consist in?

Essentially, it consists in God’s taking hold of the soul and even of the body of the prophet, of all that he is and has.


One day God calls someone.

He leaves everything and goes to the desert. There he stays in the presence of God. It is in the desert that God has led and formed the great contemplatives of all times and the instruments of His great works. The prophetic vocation begins with a certain experience of God, a certain touch of God, conscious or unconscious. It is a certain manifestation of God’s transcendence that reveals to the soul something of the absolute. It imparts a taste, a need for the absolute. It pushes the prophet to make a radical choice of the path to follow—not as a temporary arrangement, but as a way of perfection. 


This is nothing else than sanctity!

It happened to the apostles on the day of Pentecost. They became perfect instruments of the Holy Spirit, placed at His disposition at the same time that they were sanctified by Him through His enveloping action.




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