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A life of total consecration to God and to the world.
O Jesus,
I adore you in your weakness.
The depth of your suffering
shows us the mystery of the Cross.
You are the Almighty God and you lie on the ground.
O Jesus, I love you so,
I would like to help you rise.
It was for me that you fell,
in doing so, you reveal to me
the mystery of the Cross: mystery
of human weakness and divine strength.

- Blessed Fr. Marie-Eugene

iSearch Final Talk: 
Joy of a Lifetime!

Come and join us on March 17, 2019 for the concluding talk of iSearch spiritual journey of discernment.


2019 Lenten Recollection
Beloved. Forgiven. Redeemed.

This Lenten season, attune your hearts to the silence within your hearts where God speaks. Invite your friends. Share the word. Be blessed and be a blessing. Contact us at 09567795944 (Alex) for more details.



Young men and women: Are you on this life's crossroads? Thinking about your vocation: marriage? religious/consecrated life? priesthood? Come and journey with us.



Pope Francis approves beatification of
Venerable Marie-Eugene 

On March 4, 2016, Pope Francis authorized the Church to proceed with the beatification of the Venerable Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus...



Feast of Our Lady's Assumption

HAPPY FEAST of OUR LADY'S ASSUMPTION! Today, in spite of the rain, of the divisions among us, the reign of death and violence in many places, including our country, the triumph of lies and deception in hearts and minds, we still celebrate...


Carmel, Virgin Mary and Elijah

In the heart of every person, of whatever culture, period or place, there exists a desire to be in touch with God.  Every human person bears a sense of transcendence, a longing for something or someone, a higher or greater Reality,


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